140 therapists. 2 days. 1 great experience …

On May 10/11th, I was invited as a facilitator to assist the HAVENING-training weekend in London, UK. I had the opportunity to assist in the group exercises, coaching the attendants in how to properly use the Havening-technique.

So – what is Havening (Amygdala-Depotentiation-Technique ADT) all about?

Havening is a top-notch, brand new therapy which aims at busting trauma at its core. By applying Havening Touch and using various distraction techniques as well as specific therapeutic protocols,the skilled therapist is able to assist their clients in leaving behind a lot of old, emotional baggage. Havening can easily be combined with hypnotherapeutic strategies, drastically improving the results of the therapy.

Here’s an example of a Havening session (in German):

Aren’t equal results possible by using EFT, TFT, EMDR etc. ?

Yes. But Havening is usually quicker and also more elegant. Dr. Ronald Ruden, inventor of the Havening-technique, has spent more than ten years on perfecting this method. He’s built the technique on a solid scientific theory that explains exactly how Havening busts trauma at its core.

In situations which we experience as traumatic, factual memories (sensory input as well as cognitive processes) are linked to an emotion – such as anger, rage, fear, or even pathological emotions such as guilt or shame. Havening allows for the client to de-link the facts from the emotion, therefore shedding any residual symptoms the client might still experience.

Havening training in London

On May 10/11th 2014, about 140 therapists were introduced to the Havening technique in Paddington, London. The great Dr. Rudens (Steven and Ron) not only explained the theoretical background, but also introduced the audience to the practical application of the various different Havening techniques.

They were assisted by a great team of several other presenters as well as facilitators. Feliciana Tello from New York took excellent care of all the background work that needed to be done, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable training experience for everyone.

Been Havened yet?

If you haven’t experienced Havening first hand so far: Go for it. It’s a stunning technique that will most likely leave you speechless at the efficiency and results. If you want to train in Havening, there’s a training event coming up end of October in New York City. Please go to the official Havening website to check for more details: Havening.