The last weekend in October is “that time of the year” again. The fantastic APHP (Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy) Hypnosis conference will take place again in London. As usual, there’s an impressive line up of speakers waiting to entertain, motivate and inspire hypnotherapists from all over the world:

  • Dr Brian Roet – Unconscious metaphors and symptoms
  • Holly Goody – working with children
  • Marx Howell – non-verbal inductions
  • Mary-Lee laBay – spiritual journeys in hypnosis
  • Dr Neil Stanley – working with sleep disorders
  • Rae Jensen – eating disorders laid bare
  • Seth-Deborah Roth – helping those with cancer
  • Terence Watts – effective work with grief in all its forms

The amazing Terence Watts alone makes the attendance an absolute “must”! More info right here on the APHP homepage: Hypnosis Association

Last year, I was honoured to have my own speaking slot, presenting some Rapid Inductions to the audience. Here’s a video excerpt of my workshop – enjoy watching!